Dantewada – Goddess Danteswari’s abode

The spiritual draw of being blessed by the Kuldevi of Bastar is hard to resist for culture aficionados as well as religious travellers to Dantewada. A

by Manikanta - Jan 10, 2018


Barsur – Chronicles in stone

Though weathered, and in places ravaged over the centuries, Barsur allows for a peek into a few glorious vestiges of the former capital of Bastar. of

by Manikanta - Jan 9, 2018


Enchanting Bastar – Kashmir of Central India

Bastar, one of the most panoramic and age-old areas of the country is situated in Chhattisgarh. The history of the region dates back to the Stone Era.

by Bastariya - Dec 24, 2017


Bastar – A Visitor’s Paradise

The area has a lot to offer to visitors or tourists due to its natural beauty and pleasant atmosphere. Bastar region constitutes seven districts i.

by Bastariya - Nov 19, 2017

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